Home School Liaison

The Home/School Community Liaison Scheme is based on the principle of partnership between homes, schools and communities. This partnership is characterised as “a working relationship that is characterised by a sense of purpose, mutual respect and the willingness to negotiate. This implies a sharing of information, responsibility, skills, decision-making and accountability”. (Pugh, 1989)

General principles govern the operation of the liaison scheme:

  • The scheme consists of a partnership and collaboration of the complementary skills of parents and teachers.
  • The scheme is unified and integrated at both primary and second levels.
  • The thrust of the scheme is preventative rather than curative.
  • The focus of the scheme is on the adults whose attitudes and behaviours impinge on the lives of children, namely, parents and teachers.
  • The basis of activities in the scheme is the identification of needs and having those needs met.
  • The scheme develops teacher and staff attitudes in the areas of partnership and the “whole-school” approach.
  • The scheme promotes the fostering of self-help and independence.
  • Home visitation is a crucial element in establishing bonds of trust with families.
  • Networking with and promoting the co-ordination of the work of voluntary and statutory agencies increases effectiveness, obviates duplication and leads to an integrated delivery of service to marginalised children and their families.
  • Home/School/Community liaison is a full time undertaking.
  • The liaison co-ordinator is an agent of change.
  • Community ‘ownership’ of the scheme is promoted through the development of local committees.

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