School Year 2016-2017



Ms. J. Plunkett


Deputy Principal:

Ms. C. Walsh



C. Mc Guinness


Fifth/Sixth Class:

Ms. O. Finlay


Fourth/Fifth Class:

Mr. S. Dempsey


Third Class:

Mr. C. Lyons


Second Class:

Ms. M. Mullen


First Class:

Mr. J. Lyons


Junior/Senior Infants:

Ms. A. Flynn


Junior Infants:

Ms. L. Roche


Resource and Maths Recovery Teacher:

Ms. C. Walsh


Junior Learning Support Teacher (Reading and Maths Recovery):

Ms. A. Ní Chomhraí


Senior Learning Support Teacher:

Mrs. J. Merry


Resource Teacher:

Ms. S. Denim


Part-Time Resource Teacher:

Ms. E. Mc Guinness


Special Needs Assistants (S.N.A.):

Ms. T.Cusack, Ms. T. Davis, Ms. M. Griffiths


Home School Liaison Officer:

Ms. A. Gleeson


Maintenance Team:

Peter, Edwina