Rainbows in Our School

St. Benedict’s & St. Mary’s N.S. has been a Rainbows site since 2010. Many of the teachers in our school have been trained as Rainbows facilitators. They annually volunteer to facilitate Rainbows groups after school. Usually Rainbows groups meet for one hour on a weekly basis for a term. Letters are sent out to inform parents about Rainbows groups during the year.


About Rainbows

When a change takes place in the family, whether it is a death, divorce or separation, it has a profound effect on all the members of the family.

Rainbows was developed to provide children and young people an opportunity for support after their painful loss.

Since it is necessary for emotional healing to take place after a significant loss the purpose of the support groups is to provide those grieving an opportunity to share their feelings in an accepting environment, supported by trained, caring and compassionate adults.



Our vision is that the grief experienced by children and young people in Ireland, following a significant loss in their lives, is recognised and that they are offered the understanding and support necessary to foster emotional well-being.



Rainbows Ireland works to enable children and young people who have experienced a significant loss in their lives to access peer support.  This support happens within their local communities as they seek to come to terms with their grief and loss.



We aim to fulfil our mission by establishing, maintaining and supporting a national network of accredited Rainbows sites, where trained volunteer facilitators guide participants through the various Rainbows peer support based programmes.


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