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Green Schools Logo

St. Benedict’s & St. Mary’s School are proud to state that it received a Green Flag on the 10th of March 2011 in Croke Park. The Green School programme is co-ordinated by teachers Ms. Gleeson and Ms. Siney.


Green School Programme

Since September the boys and girls of St. Benedict’s & St. Mary’s School have worked very hard to get our Green Flag.
We have managed to reduce our waste by ⅟2 .

Last year we had 4 bins of rubbish each week, we have now reduced that to 2.

The children took on the responsibility of taking home all the wrappers from their lunches and recycled them at home.

We also have a wormery in our school and every month it is the responsibility of one class to take care of the worms and feed them.  The children collected their food waste such as apple cores and banana skins in class and fed these to the worms .  We hope to use the compost from our wormery to grow vegetables in our garden in the next few weeks.

Last year we grew lots of potatoes and this year we hope to grow a variety of vegetable with the help of Incredible Edibles and our own home made compost.

Our Green Team help the whole school to recycle our water bottles every day.  In class the water bottles are left to one side to be collected and recycled.

Each class has a Green Sheriff appointed weekly who makes sure everyone is helping to recycle and save energy.
Second Class work especially hard by taking on the job of Litter Wardens.  They collect any discarded paper, plastic or fruit peels and distribute it to the appropriate recycling bin.


Our Green Plan

Waste: Over 100 %  of consumables produced in the school were going to the landfill.

Action:  Milk cartons, paper , plastic bottles go into green bins.  Fruit waste, tea bags into wormery.  Plastic bottles – bottoms cut off to use as paint pots/glue pots in classrooms.


Water:  Each toilet uses around   13  litres of water per flush.

Action:  Placing water bag inside into each cistern saves between 2.5 – 3.5 litres a flush.


Biodiversity:  An area  within the school that was not utilised.

Action:  Vegetable garden , herb garden.  Planting flowers to attract bees, butterflies, insects.  A wooden log wall to house insects.


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