Fun Friends

Fun Friends is specifically designed for 4 to 7 year old children.

The programme was specifically designed to:

  • Build resiliency through social and emotional skills development
  • Empower children, families and teachers
  • Promote peer learning through play and experiential/inquiry learning
  • Encourage support networks and positive role models

The Fun Friends programme teaches children and families the following skills

  • Smiling and looking people in the eye
  • Speaking with a confident voice
  • Talking about feelings and also understanding other people’s feelings (development of empathy)
  • Helping other people – peers, family and teachers
  • Body clues
  • How to relax
  • Making friends
  • Being brave and happy
  • Trying new things – making step plans
  • ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ thoughts, and other essential life skills

These resilience skills are taught in a way that children in this age group can easily grasp and adopt. The objective of the Programme has been shown to be well-matched and complementary to educational goals and curriculum in schools (please click here to read in more detail about this).

The Acronym ‘FUN FRIENDS‘ used in activity books and manuals

F amilies

U niting to

N urture (Social and Emotional Development of Children)

F eelings (talk about your feelings & care about other
people’s feelings)

R elax (do “milkshake” breathing, have some quiet time)

can try! (we can all try our best)

E ncourage (step plans to a happy home)

N urture (quality time together doing fun activities)

D on’t forget – be brave! (practice skills every day with friends /family)

S tay happy


The world’s leading resilience and life skills programme  (ages 8-11)

Friends For Life helps children cope with feelings of fear, worry, and depression by building resilience and self-esteem and teaching cognitive, behavioural, and emotional skills in a simple, well-structured format suitable for their age and development.

Developed in Australia and used in schools throughout the world, Friends for Life has now been adapted for New Zealand’s culture and curriculum and  is the only such programme acknowledged by the World Health Organisation for its fifteen years of comprehensive evaluation and practice.

A wealth of research and practical experience in thousands of classrooms has shown that exposing anxious children to a complete 10-session Friends for Life programme can reduce their risk of developing a disorder for up to six years (research data is only available up to six years currently – we hope the skills learned will stay with them for life). Children with normal levels of worry benefit by acquiring resilience to emotional stress.

Friends for Life promotes important personal development concepts such as self-esteem, problem-solving, self-expression, and building positive relationships with peers and adults.


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