Active School Flag

In 2010, St. Benedict’s and St. Mary’s school proudly received the Active School Flag. It was the second flag the school received that school year, having proudly been presented with a Green School Flag in Croke Park on the 10th of March.

All the children and teachers worked very hard to improve the level of Physical Activity that the children were taking part in throughout the year.  All year round they did basketball, gaelic football, hurling and regular P.E. lessons.  The children particapated in swimming, boxing (with Michael Curruth), hip-hop (with Ghetto Fabulous) and trained and competed in athletics for the school competitions at Morton Stadium. Mini-leagues took place on a daily basis and children took part in games such as, skipping, soccer or hula hoop.

We hope to continue with an increased level of physical activity every year and will continue to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

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